Back to the Basics Skincare with iherb

Keeping yourself beautiful comes easy for some and requires a bit effort for others. Whatever may be the case, we all require proper maintenance to upkeep all the gorgeousness. We can project that flawless type beauty by following a proper diet, proper skin care and all around upkeep from head to toe. A beautiful truly woman knows how to take care of herself emotionally, internally and externally.

First and foremost keep stress levels down. Stress can cause premature aging, weight gain (especially in waistline region) and other health issues. A true Diva knows not to sweat the small stuff and will not let anything or anyone rain on her parade or stop her party.

Second, make sure you take multivitamins and try your best to eat the fresh fruit and vegetables daily. It really does wonders for your energy levels, your complexion, your mood and not to mention help with maintaining your health and figure.

Third, it is never too early to start a skin care regimen that will pay off in years to come. Remember the more natural the products the better. Better because, chemicals do have an effect overtime. Better because, when something is natural you get a concentrated dose of its antioxidant benefits. A lot of expensive brands only have small doses of the actual items that have real benefit. Here are just some natural things I like to use:

100 % pure vitamin E (on my skin/hair as a moisturizer).

100 % Avocado Oil (on my skin/hair as a conditioner/moisturizer).

100 % Vegetable Glycerin (on my skin/hair as a moisturizer).

100 % Castor Oil (on my hair as a moisturizer).

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