A Return to Ones Natural Roots Part I

I covered this in My "Verve of Reflections" blog previously. However, I felt the need to share it here with my Barginista Beauties that are possibly may be in need of a good hair care regimen. This hair care regimen mostly consist of natural products as well a salon products. It can be used on both natural and chemically treated hair.

Being a woman with a Caribbean heritage and just like any other woman of color, our hair is truly our crown and glory. It allows us to express who we our and put a spotlight on our natural beauty. Since I often use my hair to creatively express myself why not share my hair transition journey on “Verve Reflections”.

My first Beauticians were My Mom, my sister Monique (who both are wonderfully skilled and licensed) and me the Kitchen Beautician. I experimented with color, cuts and styles that I often picked up from watching them and style magazines. My final obsession was my addiction for hair extensions. I just simply liked the dramatic "Diva" effect it instantly gave me. It also appeared to be an easy solution for me, so I thought. In the end my hair paid the price. So to a semi weave rehab I went (will explain later).

My chemically treated hair was always dry yet coarse and soft at the same time thus, leaving it an extremely fragile type 4. My hair grows pretty fast, that was not the problem. It was after perming, coloring and weaving my hair would break just as fast as the new growth would come in. So therefore, I would never be able to retain any real length for long. Here I am now in my 30's I decided to go natural, I did the big chop and chopped it all off February of this year. It's growing nicely; visually you can't tell much because with natural hair you tend to have a lot of curly shrinkage. I have a little bit more than a teeny weeny Afro.

Moving forward, I am quite surprised by the condition of my scalp no more excessive dandruff. My hair that was always so dry no matter what product I tried now retains moisture. My hair that I thought was so coarse is starting to develop an interesting soft curl pattern (as long as I keep it moisturized).

Maintaining natural hair can be a lot of work in the beginning for some. Basically until you figure out what works for you. As time goes by it becomes really easier and less expensive than your once before chemically treated hair. Now, to explain my semi weave rehab, I still happily sport a nice curly hair ext or half wig now and then while I'm in my hair transitioning or transformation stage.

In the post to follow I will share my hair care regimen......
In the post to follow I will share my hair care regimen......


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