Back to the Basics Skincare with iherb

Keeping yourself beautiful comes easy for some and requires a bit effort for others. Whatever may be the case, we all require proper maintenance to upkeep all the gorgeousness. We can project that flawless type beauty by following a proper diet, proper skin care and all around upkeep from head to toe. A beautiful truly woman knows how to take care of herself emotionally, internally and externally.

First and foremost keep stress levels down. Stress can cause premature aging, weight gain (especially in waistline region) and other health issues. A true Diva knows not to sweat the small stuff and will not let anything or anyone rain on her parade or stop her party.

Second, make sure you take multivitamins and try your best to eat the fresh fruit and vegetables daily. It really does wonders for your energy levels, your complexion, your mood and not to mention help with maintaining your health and figure.

Third, it is never too early to start a skin care regimen that will pay off in years to come. Remember the more natural the products the better. Better because, chemicals do have an effect overtime. Better because, when something is natural you get a concentrated dose of its antioxidant benefits. A lot of expensive brands only have small doses of the actual items that have real benefit. Here are just some natural things I like to use:

100 % pure vitamin E (on my skin/hair as a moisturizer).

100 % Avocado Oil (on my skin/hair as a conditioner/moisturizer).

100 % Vegetable Glycerin (on my skin/hair as a moisturizer).

100 % Castor Oil (on my hair as a moisturizer).

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Miss Jackson Is Going Bazaar

Janet, the baby sister of the Jackson family is taking control once again. She is back in the studio, recreating an old formula that seems to work for her by joining up with Terry Lewis and Jimmy Jam. She took part in a amazing tribute to her late brother Michael Jackson at the MTV awards tonight. She looked very much like the Janet we all know and love. In the September issue of Bazaar Magazine Janet brings old Hollywood and Glam back in this photo shoot. I'm just loving the style and grace!

New Music From Keri Hilson

Hi, Bargainistas! As you know fashion goes hand and hand with some good mood lifting music. Music, that puts you in the right frame of mind to get you inspired and do big things. So I thought I would share some new music from:



Produced by: Timbaland

Preview & Download Link:

Brow Definition for a Flawless Look

As a true Diva it is always important to make sure that you are on point from head to toe. How you present yourself is key. Keep in my mind your perception of yourself can often be a little different than how others perceive you. When you wear your make-up, style your hair and put together your look for the day always make sure everything is together no matter what your given style is. Whether you are going for a glamorous look or a casual laid back look there is no excuse for not looking your best.

When it comes to a make-up option I can’t seem to simply go without, it is shaping and enhancing my eyebrows. Shaping and enhancing my eyebrows instantaneously improves the way I look and gives me a clean put together look. Without this self induced enhancement one can often appear pale or even sick.

Beautifully shaped eyebrows are equivalent to adding an elegant picture frame to a nice picture in my opinion. When brows are shaped and enhanced correctly, they frame the eyes flawlessly. Many do not realize that the first thing that people notice on the face is generally the eyes and the brows surrounding them. Take a look at the before and after pic and see the difference for yourself.

• Use black/brown brow shadow for a softer, natural look.
• Angled brushes work best at achieving a professional look.
• Apply brow shadow dry or wet brow brush for a darker finish
• Thinner shaped brows look more natural, be sure not to go too thin.

The diagram shows the accurate measurement of how one should create the perfect brow line, along with the shape options. If the brows are arched and colored in the wrong way it can give you a pre-define mood. Avoid arching eyebrows that give the appearance of an angry brow shape. Avoid brows that give you an instant clown/Ronald McDonald look.

Never shave off your eyebrows in order to draw them back in. If you have thin or very light colored eyebrows then you may want to enhance the appearance by using brow shadow. If you have thick eyebrows simply shape them according to your desired shape.

There are many hair removal methods that you use to shape your brows. Removing the entire hair follicle from the root is always best and last longer with methods like: waxing, sugaring tweezing and threading. If either of these methods is too painful, you can use a more short term method like brow shapers. Brow shapers require more maintenance because the hairs grow back fast. The most beautiful women have well defined brows. The right brow shape can dramatically make a difference in the way you look. So keep it fresh and flawless everytime!

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Dot's Sale & Virtual Fashion World Preview

Dot's has a Buy 2, get 1 FREE Sale going on now! For more details click here. While you are there be sure to check out Dot's fabulous virtual fashion world. Dot's now allows you to become your personal Stylist/Designer at You can do so by signing up for your own personal Dots Lookbook. With a passport to Dot's online Lookbook you can put together a look that's fierce, fashionable and affordable with just a touch of a keystroke.
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You can create an ideal virtual dream closet with You can peruse through the new collection and select the appealing pieces that just speaks to you. Select your must haves and put it together on your blank body form and voilĂ ! Put together a style and signature look from head-to-toe. A look that you can select on your own or get inspired by viewing Lookbooks created by other Fashion Bargainistas like yourself. You even have the option of letting the fashion critic in you come out by rating the Lookbooks of others as well. So go ahead, visit Dot's where there is always an open invitation for a Bargainista.

Getting in the Minx of Things

Your Bargainista Afficionado is here to update you on the latest nail rage called "Minx Nails". However, before I get into that let me define what a Bargainista Aficionado is: A Bargainista Aficionado is a person who likes, knows about, appreciates and usually has a fervently pursued interest or activity in finding bargain fashion. Like a "Devotee" to style. One that's all about looking her best for less.

Now that we have cleared that up; back to the hottest nail rage "Minx Nails". These nails are what every woman who knows about style is wearing or trying to wear. Celebrities like Beyonce, Rihanna, Solange, Mariah Carey and Lady Gaga are just a leading few who seem to adore this current nail trend. I have been seeing this trend for a minute now and wanted to blog about it but remembered to do so when I saw Sherae from (RHOA) Real Housewives of Atlanta getting hers done.

The Minx nail overlay comes in over 171 styles from what I can see on their website. Minx nails are considered the ultimate fashion accessory because they can easily coordinate with your look right down to the actual pattern. Apparently the cost ranges from $55-$80. That can appear to be a little steep for a Bargainista.

In actuality when you weight the cost of repairing a chipped recently polished manicure versus the longer lasting heat application of Minx overlay it may actually balance out. Check out the videos below and note that it generally must be applied by a Professionally Minx trained Manicurist.

To find out where you can get Minxed in your town click here: get Minxed
or click here for main site Minx Nails.

Bag, Borrow or Steal Your Next Look

For those of you, like myself who saw "Sex In The City" the movie, there is a particular scene I want you to recall. Do you remember when Carrie Bradshaw's assistant, Louise (Jennifer Hudson) who was a true handbag Fashionista, constantly left her boss Carrie wondering how she afford these expensive handbags on her salary.

Carrie finally got the nerve to ask just how. Louise revealed her sources like a true Bargainista Beauty. She revealed that she frequently swaps designer purses through the Bag Borrow or Steal program. How does Bag Borrow or Steal work you may ask? At Bag Borrow or Steal the make it simple for you to rent authentic designer handbags, jewelry, sunglasses and watches - so you can always enjoy the very latest and most popular styles.

1.First decide if you'd like to become a Bag Borrow or Steal member OR just simply rent as a Guest. (Members enjoy their lowest rental rates plus other privileges)

2.Browse through their wide selection click the (borrow button) for the items you'd like to rent.

3.You can rent by the week, the month or as long as you prefer.

4.When you're ready to swap out for a new item, just return and select a new item.

- There's never a late fee.
- Special savings when you borrow for 3 months at a time
- Borrow more than one item at a time

Lastly, if you find you cant seem to part from your bag, you can do what's considered a "steal" from them by buying what you have been renting. For more details visit their FAQ page. Just read this here taken from their about us page.

"Why should women have to endure the emotional and financial sacrifices that accompany the endless search for the "right" accessory for every event, wedding, and dinner party? Why should celebrities, fashion editors, and socialites be the only ones allowed to borrow fashion accessories? Why not give everyone access to the perfect accoutrement for every occasion?"

I just love Bag Borrow or Steal's slogan "Let's Be Honest We All Want The Good Stuff". Well, I say ain't that the truth!