Getting in the Minx of Things

Your Bargainista Afficionado is here to update you on the latest nail rage called "Minx Nails". However, before I get into that let me define what a Bargainista Aficionado is: A Bargainista Aficionado is a person who likes, knows about, appreciates and usually has a fervently pursued interest or activity in finding bargain fashion. Like a "Devotee" to style. One that's all about looking her best for less.

Now that we have cleared that up; back to the hottest nail rage "Minx Nails". These nails are what every woman who knows about style is wearing or trying to wear. Celebrities like Beyonce, Rihanna, Solange, Mariah Carey and Lady Gaga are just a leading few who seem to adore this current nail trend. I have been seeing this trend for a minute now and wanted to blog about it but remembered to do so when I saw Sherae from (RHOA) Real Housewives of Atlanta getting hers done.

The Minx nail overlay comes in over 171 styles from what I can see on their website. Minx nails are considered the ultimate fashion accessory because they can easily coordinate with your look right down to the actual pattern. Apparently the cost ranges from $55-$80. That can appear to be a little steep for a Bargainista.

In actuality when you weight the cost of repairing a chipped recently polished manicure versus the longer lasting heat application of Minx overlay it may actually balance out. Check out the videos below and note that it generally must be applied by a Professionally Minx trained Manicurist.

To find out where you can get Minxed in your town click here: get Minxed
or click here for main site Minx Nails.


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