Brow Definition for a Flawless Look

As a true Diva it is always important to make sure that you are on point from head to toe. How you present yourself is key. Keep in my mind your perception of yourself can often be a little different than how others perceive you. When you wear your make-up, style your hair and put together your look for the day always make sure everything is together no matter what your given style is. Whether you are going for a glamorous look or a casual laid back look there is no excuse for not looking your best.

When it comes to a make-up option I can’t seem to simply go without, it is shaping and enhancing my eyebrows. Shaping and enhancing my eyebrows instantaneously improves the way I look and gives me a clean put together look. Without this self induced enhancement one can often appear pale or even sick.

Beautifully shaped eyebrows are equivalent to adding an elegant picture frame to a nice picture in my opinion. When brows are shaped and enhanced correctly, they frame the eyes flawlessly. Many do not realize that the first thing that people notice on the face is generally the eyes and the brows surrounding them. Take a look at the before and after pic and see the difference for yourself.

• Use black/brown brow shadow for a softer, natural look.
• Angled brushes work best at achieving a professional look.
• Apply brow shadow dry or wet brow brush for a darker finish
• Thinner shaped brows look more natural, be sure not to go too thin.

The diagram shows the accurate measurement of how one should create the perfect brow line, along with the shape options. If the brows are arched and colored in the wrong way it can give you a pre-define mood. Avoid arching eyebrows that give the appearance of an angry brow shape. Avoid brows that give you an instant clown/Ronald McDonald look.

Never shave off your eyebrows in order to draw them back in. If you have thin or very light colored eyebrows then you may want to enhance the appearance by using brow shadow. If you have thick eyebrows simply shape them according to your desired shape.

There are many hair removal methods that you use to shape your brows. Removing the entire hair follicle from the root is always best and last longer with methods like: waxing, sugaring tweezing and threading. If either of these methods is too painful, you can use a more short term method like brow shapers. Brow shapers require more maintenance because the hairs grow back fast. The most beautiful women have well defined brows. The right brow shape can dramatically make a difference in the way you look. So keep it fresh and flawless everytime!


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