A Return to Ones Natural Roots Part II

cont. from A Return to Ones Natural Roots Part I
For the most part I use 85% natural products on my hair. They just seem to respond better than store brought products. Trust me; I have tried just about everything. What works for most don’t seem to work for me. I like to wash and condition my hair with:

Shampoo Conditioning Regimen
-Organix Coconut Milk Shampoo (not all natural but nice)
-Organix Coconut Milk Conditioner (not all natural but nice)


-KeraCare’s Dry Itchy Scalp Shampoo (not natural but stimulates scalp)
-KeraCare’s Humecto Crème Conditioner (not natural, extreme moisturizing)

In order to keep my scalp moisturized I make a hair cocktail which consist of a mixture of:

Scalp Moisturizing Regimen

-Shea butter
-Castor oil
-Avocado oil
-Coconut oil

I use this mixture to condition my scalp. I also like using Haitian Castor oil (L’Huile Mascreti).I use this when ever I can get some from my Grand-mère Lily or when someone is coming in from Haiti. Many don’t like the smell but it has been used in Haiti for many years to grow hair and is also used as a healing massage oil as well. I don’t mind the smell it is nostalgic for me. I use either concoction whenever my scalp begins to get dry or is needed.

Moisturizing along with protective measures is really the key to growing our hair. Some women of color have hair that creates natural oils, so not as much moisturizing is needed. Many women have naturally thick strong hair that withstands chemicals and heat, while others like me have hair that’s more fragile and prone to breakage. For a deep conditioning I like to use this natural concoction every 2 weeks or once a month:

Deep Moisturizing Regimen

-1 Raw Egg
-3 Table spoons of Mayonnaise
-1 Table spoon of Olive Oil

Next, mix all ingredients in a bowl. Apply to hair and put a plastic conditioning cap over your hair for (30 min, 1 hr or overnight your choice) then wash and condition your hair as usual. On the last rinse use cold water to close the cuticles (another tip my Sis Monique gave me). Massage your scalp with the Scalp Moisturizing Regimen noted above. This will help with blood flow and good circulation which aids in hair growth and it really relaxes you at the same time.
(Alt.) Sometimes while my hair is wet, I sometimes like to gently rub IC Hair Polisher (with Aloe) or Organix Nourishing Coconut Milk Oil. It smells great, leaves my ends soft and it has a self heating effect (added conditioning).

Final Tips

Comb natural hair when it’s wet and with a wide tooth comb
Starting from the ends first then working towards the roots last.
Avoid unnecessary heat like blow dryers simply air dry hair.
Avoid products that contain petroleum/mineral oil as they clog pores.
Use protective styling like: braids or a loose bun if your hair is long enough.
Sleep with a Satin Bonnet to protect hair.


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