Having A Natural Option

There are many reasons to go natural. If you didn't know before, one reason is the extensive damage that relaxers a.k.a Creamy Crack can do to our hair over time. One of the main ingredients in relaxers is Sodium Hydroxide, which with repeated or prolonged use/skin contact causes drying, cracking, and inflammation of the skin (dermatitis). Sodium Hydroxide robs black hair of it's natural protein.

The protein that is needed for healthy hair growth and natural moisture. Black hair produces less protein compared to Caucasians and Asians as it is. This often is why black hair stylist advise a once a week hair washing regimen versus daily one. Daily washing would rob black hair of naturally occurring and vital protein. Sodium Hydroxide literally depletes any remaining protein. This why we resort to protein based moisturizers and conditioners to gain that protein loss back.

Making the decision to go natural can be hard decision to make. Some reasons for hesitation can be: That many feel it's a lot of work or we often we think being natural does not provide many versatile options or looks. However, take a look at how my baby sister switches things up a bit with her natural looks below:

1. loose twist out with hair band

2. two strand twist starting from roots for a shorter look

3. Mohawk look achieved with banana clip

4. hair air/blow dried & flat ironed at salon (front)

5. hair air/blow dried & flat ironed at salon (back)

6. braids ext.

7. natural looking half wig

So, go ahead and consider going natural, be versatile. Protect your crown and glory while being beautiful and naturally you!


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