The Unspoken Code of a True Bargainista

From time to time a true Bargainista has to share her sources and reveal what tactics or discoveries she uses and comes across when she goes on her bargain finding missions. Collectively on our mission to remain the amazing beautiful, Goddesses we are there is just one unspoken rule amongst Bargainista Beauties: share, share, and share your sources.

There is usually a method on how Bargainistas reveal the goods and stay in the know. Sometimes it starts off with a lean forward or to the side. Next, the resourceful information tends to be revealed in almost a whisper like tone, while looking both to the left or the right to make sure the unworthy do not hear a Bargainista’s most guarded information. Lastly, when unleashing the big reveal of her sources she is often compelled to start off with a “Girl…and end with no problem glad you appreciate it” and walk off with the most grandiose smile. A smile like she just saved the world of one less fashion faux pas or victim.

Bargainistas don’t know why it’s always been done this way, tradition maybe, who really knows for sure? However, today we have updated our tools and resources to get the much needed, news worthy information across via the Internet with emails, forums, youtube and blogs such as this one. So be sure to check back on the regular for
Bargainista’s Best” a listing of deals throughout the week. Feel free to share and leave a deal, special or finding of your own. Check out todays's "bargainista's Best" below.
Ciao bella Bargainistas for now!

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